Future Music Review: Ultimate Fills & Drops Vol 2

Looking to spice your productions with extended white noise sweeps, filter-opening effects, lifers, sparkles and much much more? If so, this second collection of Fills and Drops should pique your intrest.

The archeitecture of the 2.46GB of content is simple – the ‘Breakdowns’ and ‘Buildups’ folders do entirely as their name suggest. Within each folder, you’ll find content organised into different categories, with rapidly accelerating drum loops in 4,8 and 16 bar sections, Vocal tricks and reverses and growling Synth Loops just a few of these.

As everything on offer has been captured at 128bpm, this is defiantly Main Room fare, especially as everything is designed to hype, build heart rates and provide all manner of dance-based audio foreplay. However, as it’s hard to separate this kind of content with useful file name descriptions, you might find yourself through plenty to find what you need.