New SFX Library from Cinetools: “Maximus” Action & Crime SFX Library

Cinetools present ‘Maximus’ featuring 853 cutting-edge cinematic sounds comes with suspenseful and energetic, aggressive and strong, dynamic and hard hitting, heavy and powerful trailer sounds with the amazing fusion of organic and electronic elements - full of drive and energy! It’s perfect tools for ramping up the intensity of your action-fused productions and good for setting up tension for any projects! An intense epic action melodics with driving pulses, orchestral energy, and big impacts, underscoring anything from a reckless helicopter chase to a battle between man and machine and any scene in which the bad guys are after the good guys.. Perfect for any scene that builds tension and eventually erupts! This library will add enough tension to your production and would work well in any chase and action scene.

"Maximus" Action & Crime SFX Library from Cinetools on Vimeo.

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