New SFX Library from Cinetools: “Monsters” Cinematic SFX Library

“Cinetools” bring you this imaginary monsters and creatures SFX library - features powerful and disturbing roars, menacing snarls, creepy hisses, angry bellows and much more for your fantasy creatures, being them giants, orcs, trolls, dragons or any kind of monstrum family! Are you ready to feel the fear of facing down brutal beasts!

‘Monsters’ will give you all the tools you need to create perfect fight between monsters and beasts. Get more than +1200 high quality sound effects to create your own immortal monsters - this library offers you wide range of sounds with different moods to create your own barbaric monsters hidden in the underground. Includes everything from aggressive and guttural growls to angry grunts, disgusting slobbers to noisy snores, weird mumbling to throaty and rageful roars, vicious hisses to monstrous breaths and blows, snapping snarls to frightening screams and yells - which is all you need for something truly terrifying and convincing creature SFX is here and the options are limitless, let your imagination and the creatures run wild!

"Monsters" Cinematic SFX Library from Cinetools on Vimeo.

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