ProTone Review: Complextro Vol 2

For many musicians complextro is a relatively unknown genre, with approaches of dubstep and electro, complextro gains more and more attention and thus a higher demand on sounds and samples. That's why we take a look on Freaky Loops Complextro Vol.2 today, produced be the well-known producer Uktu S.

What's in?

The sample package contains over 1,2 GB content, which is pretty wide-ranging. Starting with a mass of loops, over to 3 construction kits, followed by multisample kits for bass and synth aswell fx oneshots. For the first look this gives us a well throught impression on the layout.

Unfortunately the only delivered format is WAV. Additional loop formats like Apple Loops and Rex would have been an enrichment, same for sampler patches for the complete package.

65 Bass Loops
59 Music Loops
50 FX Loops and Samples
40 Drum Loops
35 Special Sounds
20 Glitch Loops
31 Vocal Loops
10 Bass Multisample kits
10 Synth Multisample kits
3 Construction Kits with 76 Loops and Samples included

One of the main style components of the complextro genres are the massive and also complex constructed basslines. The 65 bass loops of these sample package providing exactly that, same as on the synth & music loops, one bassline is delivered in some different variations which offer the user a flexible ressource. All bass, music & synth loops are also root-key labeled.

With the same concept of one main loop followed by additional variations, the drum loops convining us in quality and their punchy and clear sound. The fx and glitch loops are an useful additional which round out the loop content positively. However the vocal loops couldn't convince us, we missed there the something special, the little x effect. They are good but just not such creative or inspiring as we would wish.

Another compoment of the sample package are the multisample kits for bass and synth sounds. The contained sounds coming in a good quality, some are a little bit extravagant, the others are more decent, thereby the sounds fitting easily in the arragements. But something we really missed there!?As we written before, the sample package comes without any sampler patches, sure they are not a must-have for a normal sample package, for a sample package which contains multisamples – they are… This restricts the usability of the multisample kits massively.

The 3 contained construction kits delivering not only the single loops and oneshot samples, also as additional option the complete single stems of the song. Nice addition and a good possibility for understanding the arragement of complextro songs.

Summary: Freaky Loops provides with Complextro Vol.2 a rock-solid and up-to-date sample package for everyone who's looking for Complextro samples. Without a doubt these package is currently one of the best options on the market. With additional loop formats and sampler patches, especially for the multisample kits,it would be a clear 10/10 through the high sound quality and the well-rounded content-layout.

Verdict: 9/10