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    Be A Pro EDM Producer
We proudly present a new and exciting series called 'Be A Pro' the first pack of the series is 'EDM Producer' - A powerful tool for your studio with more innovative sounds.. In this series, we will give you all you need to produce EDM tracks as PROs !!

You can expect to find here with 1.04GB of material spread over 315 Loops, 255 Oneshots, 20 NI Massive Presets, 20 Sylenth Presets, 17 Reason Combinator Patches and 15 Midi Files.

Combining EDM elements with the increasingly popular Electro sounds, this pack delivers all elements to create a banging EDM track. We’ve separated out the different elements that make up an EDM track, and guide you through creating a new banger in your DAW.

'Be A Pro: EDM Producer' takes you through everything that’s needed to rock a crowd. Full of meaty mainroom hooks, pumping minimal beats, key labeled big drums, speaker shredding synths and brazen baselines, inspirational melodic synth leads, live percussion, late-night leads to smokey stabs, floating arpeggios to trippy chords, silky smooth FX to punchy plucks, huge gated pads and twisted vocal loops. Also 3 amazing preset banks for the most popular soft-synths - Massive, Sylenth and Reason Combinator. This pack will assist you in making your next club BOMB!! A way to make your own hit has never been so easy as now!

In detail, 'Be A Pro: EDM Producer' includes, 315 loops locked at 128 BPM + 255 mind-blowing oneshots + 57 Presets + 15 Midi Files. If that wasn't enough there is drum tools folder consist of 38 loops & samples as a BONUS. Loops folder contains 65 Bass Loops, 65 Drum Loops, 40 Chord & PLuck Loops, 40 Combi Loops, 30 EDM Hooks & Songstarter Loops, 30 Synth Loops, 20 Lead & Fx Loops, 15 Sequencer & Melody Loops and 10 Vox Loops. Oneshots folder contains; 75 Bass Hits, 75 Synth Hits, 50 Drum Hits, 30 Vox Hits and 25 Fx Hits. All loops & samples are key and tempo-labelled for flexibility. Presets are foldered as 20 Massive Presets, 20 Sylenth Presets and 17 Reason Combinators. Also you will get 15 Midi Files that giving you the option the slightly change the notes, adjust melodies or completely change things up.

Sit back and prepare yourselves for a deep insight into the EDM World!

Tech Specs

24 Bit Quality
1.04 GB

65 Bass Loops
65 Drum Loops
40 Chord & Pluck Loops
40 Combi Loops
30 EDM Hooks & Songstarter Loops
30 Synth Loops
20 Lead & Fx Loops
15 Sequencer & Melody Loops
10 Vox Loops
75 Bass Hits
75 Synth Hits
50 Drum Hits
30 Vox Hits
25 Fx Hits
20 NI Massive Presets
20 Sylenth Presets
17 Reason Combinator Patches
15 Midi Files
38 Bonus Drum Tools