• £ 14.95
    "Destruction: Dust & Dirt" by SFXtools
We are delighted to present the third installment of our Destruction Series. “Destruction - Dust & Dirt’ features 52 designed sounds created by using various organic materials like dust, dirt, sand, pebble and gravel in different states like pour, trickles, drops, falls, movements and wiggles. A good collection to add some dirty textures to other products in our ‘Destruction’ series.

Every sound in the folder recorded at 24bit / 192kHz, designed and delivered in industry-standard 24bit / 96kHz to ensure the highest quality for today's cinematic production needs.

“Destruction - Dust & Dirt” is perfectly suited to post production, game audio, movies, documentaries, advertising, or any kind of cinematic projects requiring high definition sound effects.

Included sounds / Keywords: Dirt, Dust, Debris, Small Dust Clouds, Medium Dirt Particles, Sand, Pour, Trickle, Destruction

Tech Specs

277 MB
24 Bit / 96kHz
52 Files / Sounds