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    Dead Symphony: Neurofunk
‘Dead Symphony’ is a new series fusion of cinematic, dark orchestral music with modern heavy electronic music genres. The first edition of the series is “Dead Symphony: Neurofunk” solid collections of dark and dirty DnB sounds with cinematic and orchestral flavours!

This inspiring collection featuring heavy feeling of the music with an edge of cinematic sounds. From tear-out basslines to beefed-up neuro basses, cavernous pads to deep booms, dark strings to powerful hits, orchestral breakdowns to epic ostinatos, modded chords to chest pounding drum loops, skull smashing drum hits to breathtaking atmospheres, frantic percussions to scintillating synths, cone-tearing mid range screamers to dense textural noises, impressive pulses to angelic voices, glass-shattering cinematic drums to Soaring beautiful crescendos, drifting melodies and much more.. So are you ready to dive?

In detail expect to find 1.94 GB of raw content including 512 Loops & Samples locked at 172BPM + 5 key labelled inspiration kit (includes 31 stems) to get the creative juices flowing. Loops folder contains 50 Basses, 35 Cinematic Drum Loops, 51 Drums, 45 Orchestral Loops, 24 Atmospheres, 21 Synth Loops, 20 Pulses, 15 FXs and 10 Vox Loops. Oneshots folder contains; 55 Cinematic Drum Hits, 25 Bass Hits, 18 Synth Hits, 10 FXs, 10 Vox Hits, 40 Cinematic FXs and 83 Drum Hits includes 28 Cymbals, 15 Kicks, 10 Percussions and 30 Snares to create your own sequenced beats from the ground up. All sounds organized into folders for easy access and can be used in your productions, also all loops & samples are key and tempo-labelled for flexibility.

Perfect for DnB, Neurofunk, Drumstep, Jungle or Dubstep and like to switch it up with something Heavy. Also usable for any Cinematic Composition, Film Scores, Short-movie Scores, Trailers, Commercials, Documentaries, Advertising, World and Background music. This pack will have the ingredients needed to create your next big production. Suitable for sound designers and producers who wants to add cinematic touch to their productions!

“Dead Symphony: Neurofunk” will bring a new kind of vision to your music..

Tech Specs

24 Bit Quality

548 Files
271 Loops
241 Oneshots
050 Bass Loops
035 Cinematic Drum Loops
051 Drum Loops
045 Orchestral Loops
024 Atmosphere Loops
021 Synth Loops
020 Pulses
015 FX Loops
010 Vox Loops
055 Cinematic Drum Hits
025 Bass Hits
018 Synth Hits
010 FXs
010 Vox Hits
040 Cinematic FXs
083 Drum Hits
028 Cymbals
015 Kicks
010 Percussions
030 Snares
005 Inspiration Kits (incl. 31 Stems + 5 Full Mix)