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    "Fantasia" Fantasy & Epic Adventure Trailer Cues
We are proud to present “Fantasia” - full of dazzling and thrilling melodies from epic adventure and spirit of fantasy world mixed with the modern hybrid style trailer sound effects! If you are working on a legendary adventure project, heroism scenes or similar thing - this library will be a good source to enhance the epic feeling.

“Fantasia” featuring high-end trailer cues and immersive sound effects perfect for any kind of fantasy and adventure projects. From huge cinematic hits to pounding drums, enchanting melodics to shimmering and hypnotic underscores, angelic voices to fantasy-filled dreamlike atmospheres, driving strings to epic melodies and there's a few more sounds that bring this feelings to new heights.. are you ready to delve into endless possibilities in Fantasia?

In detail you get 5 fantasy based cinematic trailer cues ready for use and delivered in industry-standard 24bit / 96kHz to ensure the highest quality for today's cinematic production needs. All tracks are BPM and key-labeled to make choosing the right file even easier. You can use them in your cinematic productions without to pay any licensing fee. So what we can say, this series will give you freedom to create instant movie trailers like a PRO in a seconds!

Perfect for use in Cinematic Composition, Film Scores, Short-movie Scores, Trailers, Commercials, Documentaries, Advertising, World and Background music. Tough, Emotional, Mysterious and Magical.. need we say more? This pack takes you on an imaginative journey in a way nothing else can.

PLEASE NOTE: The Stems and Tracks in "Trailer Cues Series" cannot be used to create tracks for Library Music Companies. Please see the Full License Agreement and ensure you fully understand the terms of the license before making your purchase choices.


Tech Specs

Fantasia - 2.4GB

24 Bit / 96kHz
05 Cinematic Trailer Cues + 56 Mixes & Versions

Cue 1: Floating
Full Mix Length: 01:08
Bpm & Key: 90 Gm
4 Mixes + 7 Version

Cue 2: Dystopia
Full Mix Length: 01:34
Bpm & Key: 100 Em
4 Mixes + 9 Versions

Cue 3: New Worlds
Full Mix Length: 01:18
Bpm & Key: 120 Cm
4 Mixes + 9 Versions

Cue 4: Lost
Full Mix Length: 00:54
Bpm & Key: 120 Dm
5 Mixes + 7 Versions

Cue 5: Emerald Throne
Full Mix Length: 01:16
Bpm & Key: 120 Em
5 Mixes + 7 Versions

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