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    "Fire - Designed" By SFXtools
The “Fire - Designed” SFX library provides you with distinct and high quality sounds of a flaming fire, comes with 66 high-quality designed sounds of whooshing, bursting, sparking, sizzling, explosions, ignitions, movements and crackling fire sound effects. All these sounds are recorded from a variety of sources such as fuel, coal, gun powder, hair spray flame, fireplace, bonfire and various sizzles from different elements. Then meticulously designed to give that high-quality fire sounds. Perfect for any game or film project where it needs fire sound effects!

Every sound in the folder is recorded at 24bit / 192kHz, designed and delivered in industry-standard 24bit / 96kHz to ensure the highest quality for today's cinematic production needs.

This is the good solution for any level of sound designer and game developer who needs a high quality designed “Fire” sound effects! Perfect for animation sounds, motion graphics, mobile games, apps, post production, advertising, or any other projects requiring high definition sound effects.

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Tech Specs

370 MB
24 Bit / 96kHz
66 Files / Sounds