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    Hard Enough
Are you ready for this earth-shattering collection? We are proud to present our latest release “Hard Enough” it's a serious ammo for any Raw and Hard style producers!!

This hard-hitting collection filled with wildest loops and samples which are designed to elevate your production and push the limits with it. Covering everything you need to create your own killer hardstyle or destroying rawstyle track in a short time. From chest pounding drum loops to skull smashing drum hits, distorted kicks to darker melodies, massive build-ups to phat drum fills, screeches to euphoric leads, shining pads to guitars, plucks to energetic chord progressions and even MIDI loops to get you started.. All and more is here!!

You can expect to find here with 714MB of material spread over 225 Loops at 150bpm, 178 Oneshots and 24 MIDI Files. Loops folder contains 45 Drums, 30 Leads, 20 Pads, 20 Pianos, 20 Buildup Drums, 20 Kick Loops, 19 Plucks, 16 Chords, 15 Combi Loops, 15 Drum Fills and 5 Guitars. Oneshots folder contains; 13 Snare & Claps, 6 Kick Halls, 5 Cymbals, 5 Stabs, 5 Uplifters and 12 Kick Multis (Totaling 144 samples). All loops & samples are key and tempo-labelled for flexibility. This pack will assist you in making your next banger!

“Hard Enough” is perfect for Raw Style, Hard Style, Breakcore, Hard Techno, Hard Trance, Jumpstyle, Hardcore or any other brutal rave style. So, if you wanna blow up the dance-floor, this pack is definitely created for you. Just take a look!!

Tech Specs

Hard Enough - 714MB

427 Files
225 Loops
045 Drum Loops
030 Lead Loops
020 Pad Loops
020 Piano Loops
020 Buildup Drums
020 Kick Loops
019 Plucks
016 Chord Loops
015 Combi Loops
015 Drum Fills
005 Guitar Loops
178 Oneshots
013 Snare & Claps
012 Kick Multis (Totaling 144 samples)
006 Kick Halls
005 Cymbals
005 Stabs
005 Uplifters
024 MIDI Files