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    "Knockout" Cinematic Fight Sounds
Are you searching for high quality fight sound effects? You are in the right place! Cinetools is proud to present "Knockout"; a vast and meticulously organized collection of close combat sounds. The most deadliest SFX library, which includes plenty of sound effects ready to complement any production needs high quality fighting sounds!

"K.O" includes all the core elements needed to build bone smashing fist fights and adrenaline pumping realistic combat action. From flying fists to bloody punches, smacking hits to heavy strikes, massive bodyfalls to roundhouse kicks, quick fighting footwork to movements to simulate arms, legs and clothing motions, whooshes to heavy grabs, struggling moves to sequenced moves for more variation, aggressive throws to real human voices, combined actions to impressive sweeteners and all the tools necessary for truly intense and impactful sound design. Full of fierce, aggressive, top-of-the-line SFX and organically recorded sound design elements, this sound effects library will leave nothing to be needed!

"Knockout" Cinematic Fight Sounds from Cinetools on Vimeo.

In detail expect to find 3.76GB of high quality sounds including 3348 SFX divided into two main folders Designed SFX and Designer Tools. Every sound in the folder is recorded at 24bit / 192kHz, designed and delivered in industry-standard 24bit / 96kHz to ensure the highest quality for today's cinematic production needs. All the sounds in this library are perfectly categorized and labeled to make it easy for you to find them and to speed up your workflow with finding the right elements quickly to evoke a specific emotion you need!

We give you a powerful toolset to design your own unique fight sounds. Includes 2221 sounds which are recorded from a variety of fabrics such as; cotton, denim, leather, nylon AND different surfaces like generic, wood and concrete. Also contains lots of human voices with various emotions and miscellaneous actions such as attacking, breathing, exert and exhale, pain reactions, screams and beyond in varying intensities like short/medium/long to help you to liven up your favorite character noises. If you’d like more creative control, dive into designer tools to create stunning combat sounds from scratch.

"K.O" is perfect for extreme fighting movies and close combat scenes! Suitable for building out an aggressive fight scene you dreamed of and a great option for any project that requires fight sounds and other aspects such as a battle, beat and blow! Also perfect for use in any kind of hand-to-hand combat scenarios, including: street fighting movies to kung-fu or karate scenes, aikido fighters to jiu-jitsu tournaments, or any other form of combat!

Raging, Thrashing, Furious, Dangerous and Intense Pulsing Aggression and Full Of Action!


Tech Specs

Knockout: 3.76 GB
3348 Files

24 Bit / 96kHz (Designed SFX)
24 Bit / 192kHz (Designer Tools)

1127 Designed SFX
0131 Body Falls
0304 Body Grabs
0050 Bonus SFX
0024 Movements
0314 Strikes
0142 Throw
0162 Whooshes
2221 Designer Tools

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