• £ 19.95
    Massive X LoFi and Chill: Wav Edition
This sample pack features all of the loops and samples from “Massive X - LoFi and Chill” to get those killer NI Massive sounds in WAV format. From deep and warm basses to woozy pads, rich and dreamy keys to lush pads, glossy plucks to hypnotic and crunchy drums etc.. All of these sounds are inspired by forward thinking artists such as Miscél, Hanz, sadtoi.. If you are fan of this style you need to check this out!

In detail this pack includes, 20 loops at 75/90 BPM, 3 inspiration kits contains 14 stems and 60 multis (totaling 300 samples). Multis folder comes with, 8 Bass Multis (totaling 37 samples), 3 Drum Multis (totaling 9 samples), 18 Key Multis (totaling 91 samples), 9 Lead Multis (totaling 56 samples), 15 Pad Multis (totaling 69 samples) and 7 Pluck Multis (totaling 38 samples) are recorded using NI Massive soft-synth and designed for your sampler - just load and use straight away!!

Designed for use in Chill-Hop and LoFi productions. Also perfectly suitable for various genres such as Electronica, Slo-mo Hip Hop, Downtempo, Ambient and Future Beats.

Tech Specs

24 Bit Quality

337 Files
020 Loops
008 Bass Multis (totaling 37 samples)
003 Drum Multis (totaling 9 samples)
018 Key Multis (totaling 91 samples)
009 Lead Multis (totaling 56 samples)
015 Pad Multis (totaling 69 samples)
007 Pluck Multis (totaling 38 samples)
003 Inspiration Kits (incl. 14 Stems + 3 Full Mix)