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    Magica: Futuristic Vocals & Melodies
We are here with the second version of our Vocal series and this time we are proudly presents “Magica: Futuristic Vocals & Melodies” featuring more futuristic and electronic elements for your productions!

“Magica” comes with a diverse range of inspiring vocals and musical elements that immediately add fresh and futuristic touch to your compositions. From dreamy atmospheres to twisted textures, french-disco fused vocoded phrases to futuristic computered vocals, outer space voices to galactical vocal-cutz, sparky and shinny vocals to magical voxlines, blissful swells to fascinating percussions, impressive vocal chops to FXed vox hooks and more - everything is right in here! All sounds are organised into folders for easy access and can be used in your productions!

In detail expect to find 1.95GB of raw content including 542 mind-bending loops & samples range from 100bpm to 125bpm. This pack consist of, 39 Atmospheres, 235 Phrases divided into 98 Dry, 19 Computered, 35 FXed, 17 Vocoded and 66 Wet version + 26 Swells, 138 Vocal Chops consist of 20 Wet, 13 Computered, 23 FXed and 23 Vocoded also 59 Dry chops included, 51 Vocal Percussions 25 melodic contents and 3 Extras samples. Also you get 4 inspiration kits including 21 stems and 4 full mixes for maximum pleasure and flexibility. All loops & samples are KEY and tempo-labelled for flexibility, so you can use these samples in as many ways as you desire.

This collection is suitable for producers of any genre looking for these kind of touch to their productions. From Electronica to Downtempo, Chill to RnB, Ambient to Future Beats, New Age to IDM and Cinematic these versatile sounds will help bring any track to life. This pack also useful for making media music, cinematic compositions, commercials and advertising, background music.

Modern, electronic and magical these are just a few words to describe what this amazing pack is about. Be sure to check out the demo track and ready for new inspirations!

Tech Specs

24 Bit Quality

542 Files
325 Loops
039 Atmospheres
035 Wet
004 Dry
235 Phrases
098 Dry
019 Computered
035 FXed
017 Vocoded
066 Wet
026 Swells
025 Melodics
192 Oneshots
138 Chops
059 Dry
013 Computered
023 FXed
023 Vocoded
020 Wet
051 Percussions
003 Extras
004 Inspiration Kits (incl. 21 Stems + 4 Full Mix)