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    Motion Picture: Risers
We proudly present the third volume of ‘Motion Picture’ series "RISERS", a hand-picked collection of cinematic risers with premium sound design for composers, editors, and producers. Consists of different genres such as Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller includes a variety of sounds from intense and modern to orchestral and synthetic, sparse and aggressive to imposing, deep and creepy to horrific and futuristic, and beyond..Just find your needs then drag and drop it into your project… that’s it!

“Motion Picture: Risers” is well-suited for any kind of cinematic projects from fantasy to adventure, action to sci-fi, horror to thriller, war to mystery; whatever you are doing! So, are you ready to speed up your workflow and bring your content to life with ready-to-use sounds.

About the series: Each edition will focus on different core elements and bring you high-quality Blockbuster trailer style SFX to boost your productions. If you were searching just a specific element to fill a missing part in your project, then you are in the right place! This series will be a life saver!

Please note: All samples in this library are selected from the following Cinetools releases; Otherworld, Disturbia, Titanomachy, Maximus, Overtonics, Mist, Unsane, Terminus, Hope, Blackout, Mythica, Lost, Mindspace, Phobia, Tribe, Bleak and Rite.

Tech Specs

Motion Picture: Risers: 3.84 GB

24 Bit / 96kHz
420 Cinematic Risers