• £ 29.95
    "Organic and Elemental" By Soundlayers
Step into the future of cinematic sound with Soundlayers, a fresh sub-label from Cinetools. Our first release, "Organic and Elemental," heralds a new era of sonic exploration.

Dive into a realm where sound knows no boundaries. Soundlayers, an avant-garde extension of Cinetools, pioneers a stunning array of cinematic sound libraries that range from audacious experimental designs to raw, untouched source recordings. Prepare to reshape your musical visions, for our catalog turns imagination into reality.

Explore the captivating "Organic and Elemental" collection. From finely crafted textures and fluid movements to dynamic transitions, organic impacts, crackling sustains, powerful whooshes, thunderous hits, and seismic booms – every element engages your senses. Discover an array of liquids, particles, crackles, bursts, creaks, fumes and bubbles – an extraordinary anthology of evolving sounds and untamed organic anomalies. Feel the evolution as sounds twist, grow, and morph, transcending the ordinary.

At Soundlayers, we craft experiences, not just sounds. Collaborating with acclaimed composers and sound designers, each library is precision-tailored for genres, moods, and sound design excellence. Elevate TV promos and movie trailers with Soundlayers' sophistication.

"Organic and Elemental" invites you to venture into uncharted audio realms. The journey starts now, as we unite forward-thinking innovation with the art of sound. Welcome to Soundlayers – where uniqueness finds its sonic soulmate and the future of sound is born.


Tech Specs

Organic and Elemental: 528 MB
24 Bit / 96kHz

200 Files
004 Booms
021 Cracks
018 Hits
022 Impacts
031 Sustains
035 Textures
060 Transitions
009 Whooshes