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    "Reaction" Action, Thriller, Drama Trailer Cues
Are you ready to distract yourself from the real world with excitement of the latest release of our trailer cue series? All the speed of action, but more mystery and dashes of dark drama, first-rate suspenseful thrilling elements and of course a little bit of fear without diving into horror... This exciting library will keep the pace up and the pulse-pounding.. get ready for a new experience!

We are proud to present “Reaction” featuring modern and powerful trailer cues which are blending adrenaline pumping, heart-stopping, nerve-wracking and sweat-inducing sounds that will make you feel alive! All the cues are ready to fire up your creativity and allow you to make something entirely unique and give your projects maximum impact and achieve that Hollywood style cinematic flair!

In detail you get 5 cinematic trailer cues ready for use and delivered in industry-standard 24bit / 96kHz to ensure the highest quality for today's cinematic production needs. All tracks are BPM and key-labeled to make choosing the right file even easier. You can use them in your cinematic productions without paying any licensing fee. So what we can say, this series will give you freedom to create instant movie trailers like a PRO in a seconds!

Perfect for liven up any projects such as high tension action-adventure scenes, intense and dark drama projects, suspense and thriller themes, twisted tracks or add some mystery to a dark thrilling sequence! Available for use in any Cinematic Composition, Film Scores, Short-movie Scores, Trailers, Commercials, Documentaries, Advertising, World and Background music.

PLEASE NOTE: The Stems and Tracks in "Trailer Cues Series" cannot be used to create tracks for Library Music Companies. Please see the Full License Agreement HERE and ensure you fully understand the terms of the license before making your purchase choices.


Tech Specs

Reaction: 2.8GB

24 Bit / 96kHz
39 Files
05 Full Trailer Cues
10 Alternative Mixes
24 Stems

Cue 1: Dark Report
Full Mix Length: 02:16
Bpm & Key: 90 C#m
1 Full Mix + 2 Alternative Mix + 5 Stems

Cue 2: Wrong Way
Full Mix Length: 02:12
Bpm & Key: 100 Fm
1 Full Mix + 2 Alternative Mix + 4 Stems

Cue 3: Commandment
Full Mix Length: 02:00
Bpm & Key: 120 Dm
1 Full Mix + 2 Alternative Mix + 6 Stems

Cue 4: Uncertain Paths
Full Mix Length: 02:20
Bpm & Key: 120 Dm
1 Full Mix + 2 Alternative Mix + 4 Stems

Cue 5: Mechanisms Of Revenge
Full Mix Length: 01:38
Bpm & Key: 120 G
1 Full Mix + 2 Alternative Mix + 5 Stems

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