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    Retro Jumpscares
We proudly present “Retro Jumpscares” featuring 75 ready-to-use bloodcurdling, bone-chilling, gut-wrenching, hair-raising, goosebumps and terrifying cinematic jumpscares which are perfect for creating high-tension, suspense and focus attention in exciting moments! All sounds are ready to give your compositions that dark and frightening feeling in suspenseful scenes, as a climax is reached, or in horror scenes.

Every sound was originally recorded at 24-bit / 192kHz, designed and delivered in 24-bit / 96kHz to ensure the highest quality for today's cinematic production needs. Edited for instant use in your projects. All the sounds are hyper-detailed, layered, and manipulated. Just find the sounds you like and add them to your production.

This disturbing collection brings you production-ready elements, perfect for use in any scores for slasher movies, bizarre and disturbing scenes, horror-themed productions, games, trailers, teasers, TV, and beyond. Whether you are working on an extremely disturbed and twisted horror film or need something to backdrop a gruesome murder scene, these unsettling sound effects will add a dash of eerie insanity to your project.

“Retro Jumpscares” are guaranteed to make your audience jump from their seats and truly raise the dread factor of your productions!

If you were looking for specific elements to fill the missing part of your project, better to keep watching our “Production Elements” series. Each edition will focus on different core elements and bring you high-quality Blockbuster trailer style SFX to boost your productions.


Tech Specs

Retro Jumpscares: 190 MB

24 Bit / 96kHz
75 Jumpscares SFX