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    Sci-Fi Intros: Futuristic
We are proudly presents featuring “Sci-Fi Intros: Futuristic” 50 high quality cues with futuristic sound design elements ready to give your work an instant science fictional touch! This library fits every scenarios such as clones, time travel, simulated realities, irritated giant monsters, space fights and beyond.. Well, are you ready to create your own high-tech cybernetic impact on your project with us?

Perfect for any futuristic sci-fi themed productions, end-of-the-world projects and intros for your films, movies, games, trailers, teasers - such as alien invasions series, killer space robots scenarios, human clones and alien civilisations opening credits, audio logo constructions, intros and outros, cinematically animated videos that require an ascend and suited in many other situations where film standard sound is required.. Impress your audience with these sounds!

About the series: Any project's opening minutes can make or break it and sometimes it serve as the best part of the project, there’s no denying that how important it is to the audience. That’ s why we decided to start a new series called "Intros" ; created for you guys who work as a motion video designers / developers OR on movies and series promotion reveals.

Each product will provide intro sounds for specific mood or style of the genre and brings you high-quality Blockbuster style SFX to boost your productions. Every sound in the folder is meticulously designed and delivered in industry-standard 24bit / 96kHz to ensure the highest quality for today's cinematic production needs.


Tech Specs

573 MB
24 Bit / 96kHz
50 Files