• £ 24.95
    Utku S - French Electro Songstarters
Presenting "Utku S. - French Electro Songstarters" – a triumphant return of Utku S., the maestro of French Electro, with an extraordinary sample pack that redefines the boundaries of sonic exploration. Dive into a sonic voyage where searing synths, distorted basslines, atmospheric tops, glitched loops, and side-chained melodies collide to define the future of music production.

Delve into a vault of 114 pristine, previously unreleased materials, meticulously curated to ignite the creative flames of forward-looking producers spanning diverse genres like French Electro, Electro House, Disco, Glitch, and House styles. These meticulously crafted 24-bit Songstarter Loops, pulsating at 120 BPM, transcend conventions, seamlessly melding with contemporary Disco rhythms, the timeless allure of French House, and the pulsating energy of Electro.

With Utku S. at the creative helm, this collection embodies his distinct vision and uncompromising dedication to pushing sonic boundaries. Experience the resurgence of French Electro in its truest form, where intricate soundscapes converge with pulsating rhythms, and classic influences seamlessly meld with cutting-edge exploration. Elevate your productions and sculpt a sonic identity that resonates with the very essence of "Utku S. - French Electro Songstarters." Your journey into the heart of French Electro begins anew.

Tech Specs

24 Bit Quality
241 MB

114 Songstarter Loops